“For us, premium rye distillates are more than just a spirit. They are the perfect harmony of flavors.”

A special brand that carries the roots and values of the past into the present. Our philosophy “mindfulness with openness” stands for quality, authenticity and sustainability.

Dry Rye Gin

handpicked juniper berries perfectly balanced with exceptional botanicals.

Cask Finished Rye Spirits

Full-bodied aromatic rye,

matured as a premium spirit in exclusive wooden barrels.

Fruit & Herb Rye Distillates

Refined with selected, fully ripe fruit and herbs directly from the farmer.

Distillates as unique as we are.

Rye Distillates

Premium Rye Spirits

The Aqua Vitae from the whole grain of single-variety rye gives our distillates a strong, full-bodied aroma and a soft mouthfeel.

Coordinated with local plants, herbs and special spices, we create a unique taste experience.



Rogg star

An exotic and a traditional type of grain.

The first finds date back to the Bronze Age.
Rye has long been valued by people, in the Bavarian abbeys aromatic beer and bread were made from it, and it is even more widespread in Eastern Europe.

It was considered an old-fashioned grain and was displaced by other varieties, but it is one of the “hidden champions” of the future.
Rye is an idiosyncratic species and not easy to grow, but also all the more resilient in times of climate change.

We are a community of individual characters, addicted to the flavors of life.

Our vision is to create a brand that carries values and roots from the past into the present.

To combine different characters and properties and to unite them into a whole.
That is why all our decisions, our work steps and actions are connected from the beginning to the end.

The heart of our distillery. Penny Lane.

Story & Mythology
Meet Penny Lane

Distillery Experience

Discover the world of Monk Distillery. Visit our distillery and take a look behind the scenes. Afterwards you are warmly invited to try our Rye range in our MonkEY! lounge.

What to expect

Learn about the history and production of gin, as well as the history and origins of Monk Distillery.

Tasting: Try different distillates from our Rye range, mix and enjoy your own Rye & Tonic at the end.




Cost: €29 per person incl. a 10% voucher for all purchases at MonkEy! store.

Alternatively €35 per person Incl. street food and a 10% coupon for the whole Shopping at MonkEy! store.

ONE San Francisco Dry Gin

“Free to speak my mind anywhere

And I’ll redefine anywhere

Anywhere I roam – Wherever I may roam”

A gin inspired by and honoring Metallica.


Limited to 1981 bottles. The first 4 bottles go to the band.

1 bottle with the batch "Cliff% 22 will be auctioned. 100% of proceeds will be donated to Metallica's AWMH -All Within My Hands Foundation.

from each bottle are donated to the AWMH - All Within My Hands Foundation together with the St. Germany - Local Chapter #273 - Met Metallica Fan Club.

from each bottle are donated to the AWMH - All Within My Hands Foundation

go on sale. 494 bottles, each with a band member's name. (James, Lars, Kirk, Robert)

Like a Metallica song. A true masterpiece

Monk Distillery X Friends

‘Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.’

Together with our friends we develop new unique gins extraordinary flavors. All Collaboration Gins are made by the Monk Distillery distilled and bottled.

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Shop like a monk, dress like a punk

Challenging. Consistent. Different.



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