We are a community of individual characters addicted to the flavors of life.
We see ourselves as explorers and discover the world of aromas, looking for the perfect balance of each individual flavour and seeking the ideal recipe for our distillates.

Our philosophy “mindfulness with openness” was born from the company pillars Monks & Punks, a bit to understand like ying and jang. It’s what you need in life, in every company and in every community, the quiet monks, and the rebels, the punks.

We started our journey by reinterpreting classic gin and by our Ryevolution we mean the ‘fight’ against commercialism in the beverage/spirit industry.
We want to show the end consumer that gin can do more and that grain, rye, goes well with gin and is experiencing a renaissance. Gin or other spirits with rye offer a wide range of possibilities and aromas, which is why we plan to expand our rye range even further.

Quality, authenticity and sustainability

Our 5 myths


Our MonkEy! is the embodiment of the founding vision. In our mission statement, the company needs monks who lead the company with care, responsibility and openness. Shaping and exemplifying values, standards and our philosophy.

On the other hand, the company needs punks. Different thinkers, lateral thinkers, business punks who develop crazy ideas and innovations that are simply different. Together we develop our company, our brand and embark on an expedition together.



Our 5 myths

02 – 108!

Exactly 108 bottles are available per batch. The number 108 can be found in many areas of this world, connecting our place with the cosmic order. Both in science and in spirituality, it has a firm place in life.


Our 5 myths

03 – Batch names!

Individuals and characters aren’t just numbers, so we decided to name our different batches.

Depending on the product, they are named after rock stars, mountains in the Himalayas, Finnish cities or pirates.


Our 5 myths

04 – ENSO!

Every distillate receives its personal Enso profile from us. Enso is the Japanese word for circle in calligraphy and Zen Buddhism. The symbol of aesthetics. Drawn in one sweep, the beauty of the Enso circle lies in its imperfection and the room for free interpretation.

It is a simple expression of the moment, uniting universe, infinity and emptiness in harmony, radiating enlightenment, power and elegance. Our Enso Circle was drawn by our Founder and Master Distiller.


Our 5 myths

05 – squaring the circle !

Our bottle is square in shape with rounded edges. The combination of circle and square represents the connection between matter and spirit.

The circle, the most elementary form, embodies the sky, infinite without beginning and without end. free in its movement, it brings wholeness and harmony.

The square a world symbol of earthly life. The main structural principle, stable and reliable. The thick glass base forms a solid foundation.



Traditionally handcrafted. Distilled in batches.

We have opted for a complex distillation process for our rye distillates.

We distill in copper stills at very low pressure. The distillate is slowly brought up to temperature and carefully cooled. This guarantees a very high quality and the release of the fragile, complex aromas.

The early separation of pre- and post-carriage is also an important production step for us. That’s why we only use the absolute core.

All distillates may have at least Mature for three months in stoneware vessels, after which they are married to pure spring water, the Aqua Fontana.

Our products are not cool filtered, this preserves the delicate oils and guarantees high quality, a soft mouthfeel and complex aromas.


1 maceration.

Combining the botanicals with our rye alcohol is not only the first, but also one of the most important steps.

Now the aromas are perfectly balanced and the macerate infuses for a precisely defined time.

2 distillation.

The macerate is distilled at very low pressure.The perfect balance between temperature and gentle cooling is the fine art of distillation. Each batch is a true Master Distillers Cut.

3 maturation.

We are convinced that a good gin has to mature. During the aging process, the distillate undergoes an oxidation process that makes the distillate soft, harmonious and round. This gives the essential oils in the botanicals time to unfold their harmonious complexity. Our gin is allowed to mature in stoneware vessels for three months .

4 water wedding.

Our gin is completed with pure spring water from the Bavarian Alps, the Aqua Fontana. The subtle aromas of the distillate form a deep bond with the water. Not just a quality indicator for us, but rather a philosophy.

5 post-ripening.

After the water wedding, the gin is allowed to mature for another two weeks. This settles and balances our Dry Rye Gin perfectly before bottling.

The heart of our distillery

Meet Penny Lane

Built especially for us, Penny Lane is a handcrafted copper still that combines a pot and column still.

This gives us the opportunity to use it in many different ways and guarantees a very high quality and the resolution of the fragile, complex aromas of the botanicals in our distillates.

Penny Lane was named after the legendary song by ‘The Beatles’.

In our imagination and in our eyes, it is the embodiment of our path to success.

Our Penny Lane.