This is us.

'Come to the RYE side of life.'

- Fabian Maurice, Founder & Master Distiller


By our Ryevolution we mean the “fight” against commerce in the beverage and spirits industry. We want to show the end consumer that gin can do more and that grain and rye go perfectly with gin and are currently experiencing a real renaissance. Gin or other spirits made from rye offer an incredibly wide range of possibilities and aromas.

The man behind Ryevolution.

Hi my name is Fabian and I am an absolute business punk. I am the founder, master distiller, sales manager and creative idea hunter of Monk Distillery. As a globetrotter, I have lived in Thailand, the Arab Emirates, Oman and Mauritius and have already helped build a distillery. With the Monk Distillery and our philosophy, I have made my lifelong dream come true.

Corporate philosophy.

Our company philosophy is born from the motto “Monks & Punks”, to be understood a bit like Jing & Jang. Because what do you need in life, in every company and in every community?
The quiet “monks” and the rebels, the “punks”. Our goal is to bring old values ​​into the future, because many monks shape their lives with openness under the philosophy of mindfulness. The monk was therefore the namesake. Furthermore, the name of our state capital 'Munich' is derived from the name 'among the monks'.

Our philosophy “mindfulness with openness” stands for quality, authenticity and sustainability.

We develop our philosophy in full-bodied, aromatic rye, perfectly balanced with hand-picked botanicals.

Our Aqua Vitae made from the whole grain of pure rye gives our gin a strong, full-bodied aroma.

We look for the perfect balance of individual flavors and the discovery of the one, perfect recipe for our distillates.

For our distillates, we have chosen a complex distillation process that guarantees the highest quality and the release of the fragile, complex aromas of the botanicals.

Our distillates are unfiltered and allowed to mature for three months in stoneware vessels.

What makes us so special?

If you delve deeper into the history of gin, you will find that juniper distillates were not first made in the Netherlands, but by monks in Italy. They learned the art of distillation from the Arab countries and spread it throughout Europe. At that time, juniper was a popular remedy.

Through links between kingdoms and trade routes, the process reached Italy, more specifically to Benedictine monks in Salerno, who improved the cooling process of the distillate and distilled their medicinal plants, including juniper, to produce essences. In addition, completely different types of grains, herbs and vegetables used to be cultivated, which were then pushed out, but are now making their way back. For example the rye and the ancient carrot – like ours.

Gin is often used as a “simple” mixed spirit, although there is true craftsmanship and fine sensory technology behind it. Gin should not only be used for mixing, but should primarily be enjoyed neat. Like a good spirit or brand.

The perfectly balanced combination of flavors and the diversity makes it a special experience. Here too, the higher the quality of the individual raw materials, the higher the quality of the end product. Rye as a base is very rarely found in the gin world, as pure rye is often not that easy to get, is a little higher in price and has its own strong, deep spice. But that's exactly what we value about it.