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RUAM - 3 Years Cherry Cask Aged | 70CL

RUAM - 3 Years Cherry Cask Aged | 70CL

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For cozy jazz evenings, beautiful moments with friends or simply to enjoy.

In the Bavarian language RUAM means sugar beet. This is how the idea of ​​making rum from Bavarian sugar beets came about. Since only a distillate made from sugar cane can be called rum, RUAM was born.

A noble sugar beet distillate which was allowed to mature for 2 years in cherry wood barrels. During maturation in cherry wood, our RUAM acquires a deep reddish-golden amber color and its complex, subtle aroma.

Organoleptic properties:


Sweet and earthy cherry notes. Nice vanilla flavors with marzipan and dark chocolate.


Malty caramel. Velvety sweet vanilla-cream-caramel with a fruity-spicy finish.

70CL - 45.3%VOL

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